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Liar liar........

I toyed with using this quote a good bit. When the Pen2Paper Project was born, the intent was to guide people to the blank page purposefully. Quoting a historical monster isn't (typically) part of that design.

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." Adolph Hilter

But despite the orator of this quote, we often tell some mighty big lies and believe them -- about ourselves. That voice can become so overwhelming, that it's hard to drown down the volume. I once heard a colleague call refer to her voice as "head trash." These last few months have upped the decibels of my own head trash that became a series of letters to myself. Dear Fear, Dear Anxiety, Dear Love......they each got their own blank page and some serious ink.

Who you are you lying to?

With each new note, each blank page - I found that the dialogue I was having was no longer with that lingering volume of head trash. As the words spilled out on to paper, they had to come out deliberately. It was far harder to tell the lie, when I could see them spilling on to horizontal lines of my pretty little stationary. I learned that my fears (hello, we're in a pandemic!) were very real, but the amount of energy I was giving them was simply feeding the flame. Just like the letters themselves, I sealed the envelope and immediately turned down the noise.

Writing Prompt:

For seven minutes (don't linger long here), write about the big lie you've been telling yourself. Where did it come from and why do you still choose to carry this baggage. Not lying to yourself? Then who was the last person you lied too?


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