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Ever have someone mention EFT and asked yourself, what the actual f*ck is that? Yeah, me too. Until I gave it a try and then felt like OMG.

I am an avid pencil pusher, yogi, sometimes meditator, full moon circle goer and just about open to any new technique that will offer more balance in a very chaotic world. About a month ago, my best friend from college (and still today) introduced me to this technique as we co-hosted a workshop together. The way I felt was visceral.

“Unprocessed stress builds up in the body, leading to chronic illness and disease”

This new tool (new to me, but ancient in practice), Emotional Freedom Technique, was liberating in the most odd, but beautiful way. It combines meridian tapping (like acupuncture sans needles) with spoke affirmations to send a signal back to the part of the brain that triggers flight + flight, or rest + digest.

Stress is a natural form of life, and our bodies are designed to help process it out of the system - if we let it. We have become a society that (mostly) pops a pill, drinks a glass of wine or puts back a pint of ice cream in lieu of doing the work and processing feeling to fact and fact to form.

While I am not here to peddle you a medical cure or false promises, I absolutely suggest you give this free (you can do it on your own - guides attached) and effective tool a try. Worst case scenario is that you may look a little silly tapping on yourself for a few minutes, OR you could feel amazing and find one more tool for your wellness box. Enjoy.

Ignite Your Life Coaching - EFT Tapping
Download • 158KB


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