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“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”  


Pen2Paper Project

 Whether it’s a letter to a friend or a page in a journal the goal of the Pen2Paper Project is to unite.  One  pen stroke at a time, we invigorate and stimulate creativity that everyone can benefit from through workshops, gatherings and daily writing prompts.

You don't have to be "good" at writing or labor the amount of time spent for its effect to have a deep and meaningful impact. Our Founder, Jayne Portnoy, curates uniquely creative, guided workshops with seven minute exercises to make pencil pushing an entertaining experience.

Pen2Paper Project
Workshop Options
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The benefits of writing for business are endless.

Better communication, clarity of thought, improved productivity, and reduced stress are just a few upsides of analog  writing, and a thoughtful way to engage, entice and motivate employees.

All Pen2Paper workshops are adapted to meet your business goals and budget. Let us curate impactful and effective team building workshop with a little healthy pencil pushing.  

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We all need a little inspiration. Each workshop is distinctly designed around engaging, uplifting and thought provoking themes for your group, venue or business. 


We'll guide your guests through a series of seven minute exercises and prompts designed to inspire, create, and connect while adding a few proven tools to everyone's wellness box. Hit us up - collaborations are our favorite way to scribble.

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