“Don't be a writer. Be writing.”


Pen2Paper Project

...Despite years of teaching yoga, trying to juggle running a company and work-life balance – I’d just simply had enough and needed a serious digital detox.

I reverted back to an age-old remedy that worked brilliantly when I was 12.  Putting pen to paper has always been a place of solace. The few moments between the pages allowed me to navigate the angst-filled school years (man those were ugly), countless heartbreaks (and counting) and the gentle reminders that I was prepared to thrive in the corporate world (you go girl, you can do it). When things got crazy, I always came back and put pen to paper.

As I reconnected to my writing practice, the words met the paper with growing ease and I started feeling a little less chaotic. Inside the blank pages and the letters I wrote to myself and friends, I found a way to connect, release and course correct. When I returned to social media  to see if anyone else was feeling the tension of our digital landscape, hundreds of blue thumbs (538 to be exact) confirmed I was not alone. So I set out to write each and every person back, including a stamp with the request to 'write it forward.' And the Pen2Paper Project began.

Today the Pen2Paper Project thrives in creating analog workshops, corporate events and developing community through daily prompts, real-time and virtual events. 


“The very reason I write is so that I might not sleepwalk through my entire life.”  


Jayne Portnoy


Founder, Pen2Paper Project



I could be easily described as a multi-hyphenated over achiever of sorts;  Brand coach, marketing strategist, speaker, yoga instructor and committed humanitarian. The Pen2Paper Project became the physical and analog reaction to an extensive career in hospitality and wellness.  Encouraging people to connect with each other and themselves through the art of creative journaling and letter writing wasn’t just a passion project, it was a necessity.

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