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Girl Gangs....Are you in One?

Last night, I finished watching Mrs. America on Hulu. In addition to having an extreme ensemble of Hollywood's elite and #metoo movement activists, the mini-series is a must watch to understand how women have been placing a heel on our own necks for decades.

“The world is hard on ambitious girls.” Amy March/Little Women

Why is that exactly? How did we populate two species in which one is inferior? To understand that we are STILL seeking equal rights feels absurd to me, but then look at my own history with women and can clearly see how we are the root of our own despair.

Women are so brilliantly horrible to one another - until a certain age. There seems to be a switch that triggers when you either understand how to love yourself - or hate others less. Mine came somewhere around 30. I had tremendous work mentors and marveled at the strong bonds between my older peers and the way they furthered each other in meetings and professional goals.

Today my girl gang is purposefully tight, small and well defined. Annually, I make a habit of setting 'people-loutions' in lieu of resolutions to align myself with women that will raise my personal bar. It's amazing what you can find when you chose to step up and support women versus walking over them.


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