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Dear Covid,

Last night I gathered with a group of wine and beverage professionals to scribble a bit about what, if anything, can be found inside the last few months worth raising a glass to.

When I launched the Pen2Paper Project, it was designed ideally to create community. Something that has been stripped from us slowly as lives got busy and social media replaced social gatherings. So to linger with friends, writers and colleagues (albeit via zoom), last night in a co-hosted workshop with Focus on Health, my faith was renewed in regards to what this global pandemic is actually teaching us.

“Cheers to all our forgotten friends, moments we've been given, to make amends.”

We approached our writing prompts - seven minutes each to allow the parasympathetic nervous system and creativity to kick into gear.

Hear's to the last time.

It felt so far behind me. Trying to put pen to paper to pay homage to the last time we raised a glass in carefree celebration. Trying to dial back the memory bank to the kind of joy that feels so limitless and 'when we will again' not even remotely fathomable.

Do you remember the last time? Who were you toasting, who was in the crowd - or was the gathering intimate? Did you make your audience break down in tears or cry tears of joy? Was your heart heavy or full? And if you had the opportunity to give it again, would it be the same? Set the timer and see what seven minutes delivers to the page.

Dear Covid

Penning a toast at a time like this seems almost callous, so we made CV19 the honoree:

Cheers to COVID-19

Well, here we go again,

A cheers to COVID, I must pen.

"2020 will be different," we all said,

But wear a damn mask, or you'll be dead.

Cheers to all of our forgotten friends,

Moments we've be given, to make amends.

Cheers to all of the closed restaurants and bars, And our chosen family, both near and far.

So, Thanks for the memories,

The pause in our life.

Our most needed break

From our daily strife's.

COVID-19, you're absolutely no fun,

But truth be told, after all is said and done:

Isn't it f*cked how it took a pandemic,

To address racism?! There. I said it.

Your turn to Toast

Perhaps this one requires a cold cocktail or a glass of wine. Write as if you were raising a glass to this pandemic as if it were a person. Would you be gentle and kind or angry and bitter? See if you can articulate what it has taught you; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Is your toast sloppy and mean spirited, or can we see the bright side and cheer worthy moments?


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