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Spontaneity. Is it in you?

Spontaneity alludes me. I am a little more of a cautious planner when it comes to the wilder side of living life.

“I feel much better when I'm spontaneous, because it comes from the heart.” Dalai Lama

I often (like all the time) dream of being 'that girl' that could travel on a whim and take social outing leaps of faith without fear and full of grace. I am a well scheduled machine normally. But inside the infrequent moments I allowed the calendar to be bent and "oh what the hell" as my pilot -- I have no regrets.

I have a credit card!

Almost nearly all of my international travels have been such moments, where bank accounts and responsibility were entirely ignored in hopes of stoking my spontaneity. My first ever trip abroad was in my early 20's when Amex was silly enough to grant me credit and I was too stupid to understand the concept of a FICO score. Italy was the destination for my wild hair, and off I went......solo. That was the last time I had the courage to go it alone, but when I have been able to throw restraint to the wind, it's been pretty spectacular.

Writing Prompt: Sit with a blank page and for seven minutes scribble out the last time you were able to throw caution to the wind. What inspired the leap of faith, random travel destination or off the beaten path menu pick? Most importantly, what did you learn about yourself?


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